July 22, 2011 is attached in Norwegian memory as a terrible and sorrow filled day. This was the day Anders Behring Breivik carried out the terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya, where a total of 77 people were killed. No matter how shocking and sad this was, the media had the responsibility to continuously convey the actions that took place. I was asked to do thorough research on the events in Oslo and Utøya that day, and then visualize either all or a part of what we find. The visualization will be published as a digital storytelling on the web.

I have chosen to create a website that puts prejudices and source criticism in focus.
July 22, 2011, Norway became the victim of a cruel terror. The time was 3:25 p.m. when the bomb blew up the government quarter in Oslo. Without having any information about who perpetrator was, it was immediately speculated and made hasty conclusions on the web and in news that Islamists were behind the attack. The news was quick to write about it, many tweeted about it and the word quickly spread to the population. Norway and parts of the world had, short after bombing, an idea of ​​who the perpetrator was, without any firm evidence or sources.
Al-Qaeda in Norway, why?
#norway #oslo #osloexplosion
2211–07–22      16:48
Because people weren’t critical and took what they heard and read as the truth, many Muslims and non-ethnic Norwegian people were harassed and bothered the hours it was unknown that the perpetrator was an ethnic Norwegian. They were spat on, looked at, tossed cruel words against them and ejected from restaurants and bars.
Muslims reportedly harassed in Oslo. This is beneath us, Norway.Do not let this happen. We must stay united.
#osloexpl #Utøya.
2011–07–22      22:03
If everyone had been much more sourcecritical and thought twice before speaking or sharing things online, there had been a greater chance that we could have been without this undeserved discrimiation. Be courcecritical. Good source criticism is important to weed out credible sources from all the noise, because you should not automatically believe everything you read. All quotes on this website are obtained from the manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik . The man who was behind the terrorist attacks in Oslo on July 22 where a total of 77 people was killed. Be source critical of what you read and hear, and think twice before sharing something you are unsure where comes from.

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